The Rebel Spiritualist

Yes, that’s me! I believe in simple spirituality–an oxymoron if there ever was one, however like Ockham’s razor I believe it can simplified and less airy-fairy. Whilst I believe in love and the light, the constant repetition of these words is so not necessary… we read it and we get it! We have terms like the Divine, Infinite Intelligence… Lets just call them the higher echelons of wisdom and power. It’s infuriating to see random terminology banded around without any real understanding, or used in a tautological fashion.

Whilst I appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinion and views, they lack the understanding that these thoughts may misinform those not yet guided and indeed halt or hinder their path. We have a duty of care with each thought written or verbalized via social media or in a hard copy that this may influence others. With each good article and advice there are equal numbers of incorrect with poor advice or comments. I feel that this negativity hinders and confuses many more than we realize. Enhanced technology has allowed the like-minded to communicate and share thoughts and ideas and conversely those who challenge these beliefs and concepts can air them.

There is no normal route, people who keep asking… ‘What to do.. Is it happening to me ..Am I having a Spiritual awakening?’ It is part of your awakening to recognize and to deal with and to realize and understand what it means to you. Yes, we can share experiences and support, but a true awakening can be confusing and frightening, that unfortunately is part of the process. Some may have a smoother journey than others, but what is difficult for one is easy for another.

We learn inner strength from this, without this our path will be more difficult (!)  and the journey will take longer. There are no shortcuts, you follow what is destined and you learn in your own way. Trying to cheat or take a fast track to Spiritual awakening is not possible; if you try, you create more obstacles for yourself. More so, you cheat yourself out of learning the steps to get there, you cannot bypass them, it’s not like a game of Monopoly where you can fast forward and skip a few steps. Those who think they can, cannot in my opinion be on a spiritual journey, they may strive to be, however it comes from within the soul. If the soul is not prepared to learn the good and the bad, it is not time, or it’s not this incarnation’s soul purpose.

I believe that all souls come here to learn, however even with the best of intentions and plans they may not achieve all in a single incarnation, I believe many do not get to the point where they are able to follow a spiritual path or are conscious of it. If we all were the entire population would at some point be on a Spiritual Path, and we know that is not case. Some may dip in and out like myself when faith wavers or life on the plane of reality supersedes that of soul evolution. Others have supernova life changing experiences and dedicate their life to spirituality.

There is no single route, what is right for one may not be right for another. There is no right or wrong way, whichever way you choose that is what is apt for you in your circumstance. Decisions are made according to your knowledge and beliefs, no one else’s as it is your soul alone that knows what needs to be done. Therefore one may ask for advice, but ultimately you know the answers deep down if you are able to acknowledge them and in many cases confront them and want to hear them. Sometimes we do not want to hear or accept what we know. Part of learning on the Spiritual Path is accepting the ugly truths and confronting them and dealing with them. Until you pass that hurdle as far as I am concerned then you will be meandering in the same field for a while. For some like me, the angels not only nudge but they gave me a kick and a push to get where I am. We may see the signs and signals, we may ignore them, put them on the back burner, but they will remain until we acknowledge and act on them.

Alleged psychics or mediums that ask what symbols mean cannot be spiritually competent, each one channels differently and interprets differently. Yes, I hear you say we must all learn, but if you were intuitively gifted they would guide you in what to do.

Some hear, (Clairaudient) smell, (Clairalience) see (Clairvoyance) or feel. (Clairsentient) A combination of the aforementioned is usual and heightened in one area. Personally I hear sometimes, I see sometimes but mostly I feel and I know. (Claircognizance)

There is no tangible proof, only what I know and have seen with my own eyes and I am a true skeptic which is why it took so long for me to accept certain occurrences like premonitions coming to fruition. Knowing what will happen despite what was on paper and what others said.

Some make a career using their gifts and am thankful as they help guide those of us that need it. Many price their services accordingly to reach those who need assistance or advice and I applaud their integrity. Other that are commercialized or highly priced, I have doubts. I see the gifts to be used to help and yes one needs to pay for material needs as many healers ask for a donation rather than a fee. I cannot help but wonder why a true spiritual person gifted would not make themselves available to help those who really need it… It should never be a question of money but how much you can help that person. You cannot put a price on genuine help.

I hide my gift, or rather I am discreet and only discuss it with like minded people. I do not aim to convert, preach, or educate but to guide those who need it and ask for it and to comfort and help those who I am able to heal; all I would want is that person to not abuse the second chance they have been given. To me that is Spirituality.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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