Common Sense

Basically the ability to use ones wits to live in society in a trouble-free manner. One would think this natural, however I have encountered many who lack the knowledge or the know how to read a map, how to book a taxi and even to cross a road safely.

Many with high IQs or sheltered lives lack the skills to survive in society today. People have become reliant on others and take shortcuts to everything.

Strength lies in knowledge, to understand things and people–how to deal with situations and to learn from them. No degree is required, but humility is which is priceless.

Looking around and absorbing all that you see, observing and learning, then adapting. Common sense is becoming less common and is becoming a rarity amongst the population.

People need to stand on their own two feet and take notice of what is around and be an accountable part of society. Take responsibility and lead by example for those who cannot see clearly.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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