Fall River-A City fallen and cracked

Fall River, perched on the edge of Providence

A former thriving city, walking down Main it looks as if it’s in a trance

The city desolate, abandoned and tragic

There is hope of reformation and growth if the Mayor works his magic

New England promised a new start–The American Dream

Its time for spirit to arise and again to be seen

Nearby Newport and Providence thrive

Why is Fall River dead and no longer alive?

Streets racked with attorneys, barbers and pawn shops

The forefathers must be looking down in shock

Townsfolk scuttle around 2nd and 3rd

Isolated, there is no cheery laughter or talk to be heard

The air is reminiscent of the 50s depression

Fast forward to the 21st Century recession

Empty and abandoned storefronts line Main

I see a once prosperous city in pain

Substance abuse is alas rife

Rehab centers are now a part of daily life

Citizens struggle daily as aid is sought

A chance at life is what they need as support

A Fallen city awash with woe

Yet seeds of providence can be sown

Faith and hope are needed for it to grow

The city has stooped as low as it can go

A victim of the Industrial revolution

Today’s social media and globalization needs a new solution

Transport links and location are swell

Why is Fall River not faring so well?

Once fallen, one gets back up stronger and ones glory it can regain

One day Fall River can and will arise and shine again

In a coma the city has lain

Soon restaurants and shops will be bustling down Main.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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