Lightworking-an eternal vocation

Accepting the call to be a lightworker is a choice we make or in my case felt it was what I had to do. Once you begin it is difficult to ever see things as they were. What is a lightworker? My definition is an undercover earth angel who helps, heals and guides those in need, appearing when needed and who drifts away when their task is accomplished or to help as much as possible and then allow the individual to continue on their journey.

There are times you choose not to help, maybe because you simply have too much on and do not have the energy to help or the individual is not ready to be assisted but you are there to guide. It is important to realize we cannot help everyone, nor should we feel obliged. We too have free will in who we choose to support, those with too much negativity are the most in need and can only be helped if you are fully charged and know how to protect yourself from any negative energy.

Whilst it is an eternal vocation, I am drawn to those in need, but a need for a balance with ones’ own path and destiny and is essential to maintain ones strength and energy vibrations. Those that you help are vulnerable and once healed can forget what you did to help them, whilst it is rewarding having saved some, it can be painful to see those who do not heed guidance or abuse the support given.

Here are the lessons learnt; those who I have saved are not friends, but souls that needed my help as best as I could give. In turn they will forget you and in turn you must not take it personally and be ready to help the next souls.

My recent challenge is that of souls in need abusing my help by taking advantage of my kindness, I was aware it could happen, but that is the nature of  lightworking. Rather than continue, it is best to cut the cord as they are not ready to learn the lessons needed and when they are other means of guidance may arise or they simply have made their path a little longer and rockier. It is essential to ensure they do not think their behavior is acceptable; it is not for us to punish, but highlight and let go. Accept that your presence and guidance was all you could do and let go, talking to a brick wall that does not want to listen serves little purpose. Perhaps in hindsight they will look back, realize and understand.

“Do not mistake my silence or lack of action as a sign of weakness, but as recognition that the lessons needed to be learnt must be done when you see and understand them in your own time and way. I have opened the door, you choose when you walk through it.”

This side of lighworking can be frustrating, painful, sad and confusing as ‘why am I here trying to help when it’s not working?’ or ‘they don’t want to know. ‘Is it a failure? We provide the knowledge and guidance, all have free will to listen and use that guidance. If it is ignored we can do no more, that is all we do–we cannot be responsible for others choices. Whilst we use free will to help those who we feel need it, at times there seems no choice if you are an individual’s last hope.  It may drain your energy and you must reevaluate the level of help you can provide.

I attempted to assist a friend who was not ready to face his demons, I had to watch him wither away on the brink of suicide, I helped him mentally, spiritually and financially for his basic needs. He did not want the help, but he did listen. I let him go when the dark forces took hold of him, I ran out of energy trying to help and had to protect myself. He is slowly finding his path in his own way, heeding my advice.

On the other hand those grateful for help can become dependent and again the bond must be broken, we must allow those once healed to learn to support themselves and grow strong and find their own path. Spiritual dependency is addictive but is ill advised, we all have different lessons to learn and that means standing alone to face our fears. Strength lies in deciding and finding one’s own path, asking only for guidance when the path is clouded or blocked. When the path is clear, look deep within and you will!

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Lightworking-an eternal vocation

  1. congrats pour l’ensemble de ton blog… je te suis depuis peu et je trouve tes posts de qualité! J’édite moi aussi un blog depuis peu, n’hésite pas à venir me lire! ++ ZAK


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