Karmic Ties and Debt

It may seem unfair, that we pay for the sins of our fathers, it’s not just a biblical phrase, but is it true, how does it happen and can it be proved? Realistically as I explained to a friend, if you don’t address an issue and think burying your head in the sand in the hope that things will sort themselves out, it will just continue into the next incarnations, the same players but interchanged. More than likely the situation was a result of a prior karmic debt as paths usually lead to confrontation of an issue.

At times, one may be drawn to karmic issues they do not understand or can explain. There are probable and possible causes that then reveal skeletons in the wardrobe. Not only do we inherit genetic and biological traits, we inherit outstanding karmic debt from our ancestors. Each generation will be faced with the burden until it is cleared or resolved. I was told of an incident involving a notorious ancestor and I knew instinctively that I would be paying off her debt, this before I even knew of the concept let alone believe it.

How does one redeem karmic debt or reduce the overdraft? First you must accept and acknowledge the consequences of your actions or that of your ancestors’ actions as you carry part of their soul and essence. Usually it passes to a member of the family that would have the strength to resolve and cope with the debt. Quite simply our ancestors are a part of our soul group; therefore souls can take turns in supporting and guiding either on the material or spiritual plane. It is possible for the ancestor to be reincarnated into the same family. This allows knowledge to be passed down and also the guides have a vested interest in ensuring the karmic debt to be lifted.

Ancestral wounding or generational curses are common terms, but karmic issues will surface consistently until a generation can lift that karmic debt. Fate will steer and present situations to enable this course of action. Understanding and realizing this increases the probability of success. It takes patience, understanding, strength and humility to clear the debts; often you may do it subconsciously. It may seem like a simple concept with a long and complex process, some debts may take more than one incarnation to clear, others will drain you emotionally and mentally and others will feel like a release.

Many do not wish to confront them and block them out with drugs, alcohol and procrastination. It is our free will to decide if we want to deal with the issue, however building up karmic debt is spiritually unhealthy as it is limitless and time is infinite. By ignoring things we have sealed our descendants fate with difficult incarnations from a stockpile and indeed for future incarnations.

From experience with a high tally of karmic debt, both at soul and ancestral levels, if the chance arises to resolve a debt, take it. I am cursed with currently my brother in this incarnation having been reincarnated numerous times, only recently did I manage to dissolve some of the debt. The understanding helped, why I was protecting someone despite his mistreatment of me was bewildering and the constant guilt around him for no apparent reason. Skeptically I attempted a past life release to find out why we were reincarnated so I could repair what I had done in a past life. It is a painful process admitting something and repenting too, confusing and mentally and physically draining. Releasing some karmic debt saved my life; I was at a standstill and could not carry on–it can eat away at you. I could not fully awaken until I understood my karmic debts and faced them–you must look deep within otherwise you will remain blocked. Once the baggage is lessened, things will seem clearer and things will start to make sense.

Karmic ties can be good and bad, sometimes we do not know or understand the whys and wherefores. The bonds may be transient or permanent, parents to learn from, (or vice-versa) siblings to support them and friends to grow together. Sometimes these bonds can be restrictive, hold us back with no explanation and others can encourage us to grow.

Cutting the cords can help, it is a choice you make, but it does not alleviate the soul connection, but lessens the intensity. In time the bond will lessen and be more peaceful and heal itself. For example and ex lover that has a hold over you, or a mother that will not let you be independent. Simply expecting a karmic debt to be repaid by cutting a bond does not work like an exorcism, (exorcism is another matter, that doesn’t happen with a few prayers and sage) it is a temporary measure and will resurface. There are no shortcuts, it doesn’t matter how or which incarnation, but through challenges we learn strength.

Like an overdraft we clear the path for our future descendants and create the best possible legacy for the future.

Copyright © 2013 S.T. Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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