Surviving the Spiritual Journey

Trekking in the mountains or jungles, taking a gap year or an overland adventure, the sensible prepare mentally and physically, packing what they need and what they may need in case of an emergency. Unfortunately there is no Spiritual Journey survival guide or packing list. (I used to compile them for travel websites and advise companies) The journey itself doesn’t just happen, the opportunity may present itself many times in an incarnation, but the acceptance and realization of the journey that leads to an awakening is where one embarks on a path where perceptions and beliefs are challenged.

Like all journeys having a break or rest is advisable. A Spiritual break is sometimes necessary to take a step back, take stock of what has happened, look around and evaluate what you have seen and done and choose which way you want to proceed. It’s not dissimilar to climbing mountains in the Himalayas, you have to stop to acclimatize, look around and appreciate and understand what you have just achieved, look at things from a different viewpoint and the changes. If there is a blockage you look for ways around it or ride it out. I climbed the mountains in -35 centigrade, our route was not passable so we were forced to take an alternative route with caution and then were snowed in and had to stop and wait for the weather to turn and then go back. These metaphors apply to the Spiritual Journey; there will be obstacles and blockages, times of uncertainty. There is no textbook to refer to, to deal with or solve the situation. Each of us will look at the situation differently and choose the right way to resolve the issue individually. That is part of the journey. Sometimes we take a wrong turning, but we learn from it and then continue on the journey with caution and the lessons learnt. I climbed an active volcano once and took the wrong path and nearly died. (I learnt not to climb active volcanoes in the rain.)

Many focus on the destination of the journey, our destiny or destinies, however it is the journey itself where we are enriched. There is no end to our journey until we have realized and accomplished what we need to in our incarnation. The journey then continues in another realm.

In my search for answers, I realize the answers will become apparent when I am ready. I can be impatient and persistent, but I accept and realize there is a time and place for everything. Like all adventures and journeys, we cannot be prepared for everything; sometimes we will get distracted, take detours and take breaks. Enjoy the journey; there will be good days and not so good days, more memorable times and ones that you prefer to forget. Either way you grow and learn, become stronger and wiser and able to face the challenge of life.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved



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