Waves of Escape

The waves draw in closer, barely a few feet away

I wish I was a wave, right now, here today

Gently lapping edged with white foam

Completely carefree, choosing where to roam

To be a wave and have pain and anguish washed away into another realm

An experience and concept in which I wish I could delve

Many desire to go with the flow

But the problems we wish to escape will follow in tow

A momentary freedom of peace is all I ask

To help me face my rocky journey and Spiritual task

Facing the unknown is our deepest fear

Pain and strength within makes us hold back our tears

The waves gently lap onto the sand and rocks

“Look at me, I am free!” I hear them mock

My desire to join them grows strong

But I know it is an illusion before too long

For they can wash away the troubles we face here and now and know to be true

But deep down at some point confronting them we know we must do.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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