Life-A balancing or juggling act?

Whether we realize it or not we juggle life not just physically but mentally. Today even if you live in the remote wilderness, the evolution of technology with mobile communications expect us to be on alert to respond instantaneously. Taking control, not to check your email every minute or to have your mobile phone affixed to your ear is not so easy to do. Just because you have email or a mobile phone does not mean you have to be available. I see people lost and in a state of panic if they cannot check their email or if their mobile phone battery has died.

The thing is we all survived at one point without all the technology, but now it is expected of us. Escaping from city life where I had to respond to work messages instantly, I now find people have the mentality of the ‘now’ culture even if it is not work related. I have friends asking why I haven’t responded  to messages after an hour–well I didn’t know there was a time limit during the day, responding when I want to rather than because I feel I ought to is taking control of your time. We all need space and cannot be on call 24/7. I even had a friend  who expected me to be on Facebook all the time, waiting for me to log on to ask me something. Then we juggle our mental to do lists, what we need to do and what we want to do: Life has become more complicated, no wonder people escape to Vermont to live.

We  then try to balance our lives; work, social life and enjoyment. Often one dominates at varying times of ones life, I am reminded by the ‘Powers That Be’ that they want me to enjoy my incarnation, though I struggle with that concept as my Spiritual case load stacks higher. We choose our balance, but its difficult deciding between what we want to do versus what we feel and think we should do. These conflicts are societal, but also its about what is in your best interests.

Some take life seriously and others less so, striking a fine balance subconsciously is the best way and  do what the mind and body feels. Often the body will say stop and rest even if you want to work or go and party. For those living a city life, every minute and hour matters, well that’s how my life was, now I realize I was not living but existing.

I struggle to find a balance, feeling guilty if I am not  studying or working…perhaps I am too hard on myself, but I know I need to find a balance, to take control and to respond (within reason) when I am ready to emails and social media and to learn to live life rather than exist for others expectations and self imposed rules. Explaining this to others not on the same wavelength is another matter, but that’s their lesson to learn. Mine is to learn to relax and to enjoy myself without feeling guilty. I am working on it or maybe I should move to Vermont…

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