Decisions and Regrets

We make decisions everyday, some work out and others we have to work around. Too often we are lectured into thinking regret is negative and destructive, but in reality regret is when we realize that there may have been a better choice or that was the best outcome possible at that time. Most of the decisions I regret are those that others persuaded me to follow. I have learnt to listen, (advice is always good) but then to decide for yourself what is best for you at the time.

We have to live and learn from our decisions and not blame anyone or anything else which is too often the case for those who do not want to appear to have made any mistakes. For them finding a scapegoat or an excuse is acceptable. Being able to admit and take responsibility for a decision that did not work out actually shows strength of character. Those who blame or pass the buck through fear shows their weaknesses, that they cannot accept or admit poor decisions or choices or have the strength of character to address or deal with the consequences.

Sometimes we learn to make wiser decisions, and at times we don’t, but that’s human nature. There is no such thing as the perfect choice, what is right for one person may not be right for another. Circumstances change and so do perceptions. I have heard some say having a plan B is weak, I think not having one is arrogant. When we face the consequences of an ill-judged decision, we dig deep to resolve and rectify things (Plan B/C etc) and to me that shows strength and wisdom.

I have made what some may consider questionable and foolhardy decisions, but they were mine to make and did not affect anyone else, so why should I make decisions to justify my actions to others? I l have learnt to deal with and accept the consequences of some of my decisions, but through them I have become stronger and am learning to make better decisions, (not all the time, but most of the time).

The only thing I regret is listening to others telling me I was making a bad decision, because ultimately through these we grow and learn more about ourselves. It was a bad decision listening to the naysayers and one I will not make again!

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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