The Dark Crooked Path

On our journey we experience highs and lows, the light and the dark. There are times the darkness is so deep we can barely see the light as we hesitate to venture forward, occasionally stumbling and stopping in doubt. The path appears uncertain as we search deep within ourselves to gather all the strength and faith we can muster.

Traditionally, the Crooked Path is that of the ancient and mystical wisdom, passed down through incarnations and the ancestral line–when we walk down the path we get glimpses of what we once knew.

It is unsettling, uncomfortable and fear can set in, in the light we have faith and hope, but in darkness there is despair and doubt. To keep the momentum and faith in these dark periods requires immense strength and courage to believe in what you cannot see, feel or trust. Stretching one’s faith to the ultimate limits, against the odds can seem foolhardy, but sometimes we are left with no choice but to trust The Powers That Be to teach us to stretch our faith. Despite this, openly embracing oneself to the unknown is unnerving.

I do not subscribe to the doctrine of ‘Leave it to Spirit to deal with’ or ‘Ask the Angels to sort it out.’ We still have a responsibility to ourselves to look for solutions and attempt to resolve situations. Sometimes Spirit has other ideas, that may not be in line with your plans and actions, but the point is to try. Why should Spirit assist when one stands back expecting help? I believe help should be given when one has tried to help themselves first or at least had the intention to. Even then, sometimes Spirit will standby and watch whilst you search for the direction and answer you seek.

Copyright © 2013 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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