Is there ever a right time?

Well for many things ‘no’ quite simply. Too often we hear ‘I’m not ready to hear that,’ or ‘The time isn’t right’ and I am guilty of the latter. I realize that free will is illusionary for the most part, as things will happen when they are supposed to, but we choose whether we want to go ahead with them or not. Opportunities present themselves and we are free to accept or deny them. That is not to say the opportunity will not reappear if you feel the time ‘wasn’t right’ but it may not resurface when you want it to (if at all), nor do they appear in the same way, because that would be too easy!

Is there a right time to settle down to have a family or to go and explore the Himalayas? Well there are biological and seasonal factors, but even with those considerations, fate can intervene (infertility and political instability). I like to plan; it was my job at one point and I always had back up plans, but in life sometimes we have to accept what happens when it does. That is not easy, nor comfortable, but being able to accept it makes it less of a challenge.

I get frustrated when I hear people say they are not ready to hear something which is why children and those with young innocent and inquisitive souls are interesting to observe. They are open to ideas and change. I can sniff out a closed-minded, despite their protestations they are open-minded. What people think they are and actually are can be different! Changes scare people outside of their comfort zone and their perceived control. All I can deduce if you are not ready to hear something, you know it already, but it’s not what you want to hear and you are in self-denial, which we all deal with at some point. Often these are young or mature souls making the transition to the old soul stage.

What is the point of going to a psychic or therapist if you only want to hear what you want or already know? If that was the case there is little point and is expensive, the idea is to tell you what you subconsciously cannot see and the unspoken truth. I always say to people if you cannot handle the truth then don’t go because unless you are open and willing to listen you are wasting everyone’s time. This may seem harsh, but I rarely offer readings as people ask me already hoping to hear things to reconfirm their desires.

I read for those that I feel would benefit, because channeling and reading takes up energy and I don’t want to waste it on someone who isn’t going to listen. Of course some people want to listen, but then fear strikes and they shut themselves off, these people I will try to help. On the other hand there are people who only want to hear what they want and say they are not ready, more often these are older people and I want to say, ‘when do you think you will be ready, you’re 70 already!’ but I just think it. That is self-denial and also arrogance when I hear ‘It’s not what I want to hear’; well we don’t get what we want, but what we need and they don’t want to hear that either! I realize it is not physical age but soul age that matters. Those who are over 70 who are still unable to face changes or things out of their control may possibly in my experience of reading souls, struggle in the next incarnation or have more work to do as in an intense incarnation. Obviously the lessons will be repeated, but a little less delicately and more ‘in your face’ so you cannot fail to see what you need to learn.

My theory is they live a long life in the hope they will learn the lessons that they didn’t complete or didn’t acknowledge. Some do, many do not. Although there is no time limit to learn things, our physical bodies are limited, so many lessons will be learnt when we are able to utilize them and build on them, hence theoretically by the mid 60s the soul should have experienced the basics of the incarnation. I see those that didn’t will be repeating them straightaway and perhaps in a more difficult environment to ensure the lesson will be acknowledged. Sometimes we do make thing difficult for ourselves. The elders, we are taught to believe are wise; however that is not always the case. Yes, they may have some fascinating wartime tales and tell you what it was like at an Elvis or Beatles concert, but I have met many immature seniors who need guidance.

We have the opportunity to make our next incarnation less arduous (that is if we choose to return) by confronting our fears and putting aside what we want rather than what is to be. That is not to say we should not have dreams or aspirations, but if it’s not happening then accept it and move on. It’s like wanting to date someone who isn’t interested; do you move on or keep trying to date someone who has said no? This is easier to achieve at a young age as I have noticed older people are reluctant to accept change sticking to ‘I’m older, I know better,’ old chestnut, but the wise will realize they barely know anything.

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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