‘Quid Pro Quo’-Good quality human beings wanted!

Doing a people a favor, well that’s just natural and human isn’t it? Some of us will joke (or not) that ‘you owe me one’ but not many will state ‘quid pro quo’ yet it’s implied, good manners and karma wise it’s a good idea. Society seems to have developed a sense of ‘entitlement’ where they expect favors and don’t feel they have to reciprocate. I don’t do favors and count them expecting the favor to be returned, but when people keep expecting your unbounded levels of generosity where and how do you stop?

Yes, there are the takers and the givers, but should I stop giving because I know the favor will never be returned if I need it? I never thought of it, but recently I have had the unfortunate experience to witness the dark side of human nature. It’s sad and destroys what faith I had in the good in society especially when these people convince themselves they have done no wrong and I don’t wish to lower myself to their standards. Do I attract such people? Some would say it’s my own fault, for being good and having morals. I counteract it with ‘I’ll show them good examples’ and let their conscience decide and allow karma to do its job. People come into our lives for whatever reason and sometimes those choices are already made.

I rarely ask for favors preferring someone to offer and even then I quibble whether I want to be indebted, but that’s me. Whenever someone helps me out of course I will remember it and want to return the favor should it arise. I thought everyone was like that, or rather they should be, shouldn’t they?

In the workplace, people have a vested interest to gain contacts or to obtain contracts. I have done it myself, given staff travel expenses and travel time to ensure they didn’t call in sick or were late. Either way, quid pro quos should be unspoken. On the other hand, there are people who like myself help, not expecting anything in return. I have been fortunate enough to encounter a few of these people, but they are wise. They help those who will not abuse their kindness, but not those who would assume and take it for granted. I have learnt from them, even though I want to help, perhaps I am doing the other party a disservice by doing so because they haven’t learnt what reciprocate means.

We may not count favors, but we should return them if the opportunity presents itself. Good quality human beings are becoming a rare commodity. The temptation to do as others do lingers, but is no excuse. Our own conscience knows what is right and what is wrong. Those who deliberately choose not to reciprocate; well I think karma may be making a tally!

Copyright © 2014 S.T.Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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