Truth V Opinion

People get confused between the two; more often it is ego or the lack of knowledge and understanding of the Universal truths that blur the line between the two. I write this spurred by experiences where people have hoisted their unrequested opinions as truths.

Truth is an undisputed fact that all human beings should know regardless of class, age or education for example when it rains it is wet and damp. No one can dispute that or that walking in front of a moving car is dangerous. An opinion is a calculated judgment and belief depending on that person’s motives and experience, but can be passed off as a truth when manipulated or from someone who is jealous or has ulterior motives. The classic case is when someone asks, ‘How do I look?’ One can only give an opinion that is a conjectured point of view. ‘Is that cake nice?’ Well to one person it maybe the best cake they have tasted and to another it maybe be plain and ordinary. There is no definitive answer or truth even if people ask for the truth, how qualified is that person to give the best answer possible? In our daily lives some of us need reassurance on what to do and ask others, but will seek those who will give the answer they prefer to hear.

Sometimes people cannot handle or want to hear the truth and these tend to be the ones who dish out unwarranted opinions. Those who can face and confront truths are more wary and considerate in passing judgment or conveying an opinion.

Understanding that an opinion isn’t an absolute truth can help others who lose their confidence or feel demotivated by an unprecedented opinion passed off as a truth. I fear these people whose egos think their opinions are the absolute truth do more damage than they realize. I have seen people who believed and trusted these opinions and considered themselves unworthy and I explain to them that the person had an opinion and that all opinions differ. The truth can hurt, but it is also how you deliver it.

Often it is someone telling them they are no good at what they are doing. A ‘friend’ told me that I was stupid and making a mistake by taking a chance and changing my life and another that I should not bother considering writing as a career. I asked neither for their opinions, but their egos decided they knew better. Fortunately I am my own person and ignored them because it is my life and if I make mistakes, they are mine to make. Coincidentally neither of these people can accept criticism and bury their heads in the sand when others’ opinions outnumber theirs.

In my opinion everyone has worth, some people have strengths in other areas, but that is not for us to judge. If someone does not try something then they will not find out if they can do it. Trying is to be commended and not to be rejected or criticized. No one has the right to assume and those with inflated egos often cannot see their own faults.

If an opinion is not asked for, do not give it, you may offer but to force a view that you presume to be a truth is egotistical and serves little but is selfish gratification. I, myself only offer opinions when I feel it may help and only when asked. Of course sometimes I use the Kantian method of evasion if I am bound not to reveal something or I feel the answer would do more damage than good. To some the truth is accepting they are wrong or a failure; to admit you were wrong shows character and strength, but to hide behind an egotistical opinion shows weakness and fear.

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn All Rights Reserved


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