Hobson’s Choice or a negotiation?

In light of the current MH-17 tragedy, I am abhorred at the political game being played internationally at the expense of human life, even in death and the lack of respect shown to those who appear to have been sacrificed. Currently, those who lost their lives either lie undignified as their bodies lie decomposing on a crash site or in a black body piled up on a roadside like garbage waiting to be collected. No human life deserves to be treated as such. Karma will be working overtime and is accumulating for those involved.

Those who control the area have a choice to show compassion, yet choose not to. This lack of empathy does little to generate any sympathy to support for their cause. Instead the elected leaders of the world exert their influence by appealing and threatening sanctions. The outcome is a Hobson’s Choice scenario; only one choice, to concede to the demands who have control of the crash site otherwise the investigators are denied access to gather evidence at what is an accident site, the airline to recover its property and families of the victims cannot bury the bodies of their family members.

Humans, either alive or dead should not be used as commodities to trade and negotiate.

Despite the civilized society we are supposed to live in, with technological advances and in an era of being politically correct, we must stand by and watch world leaders being held to ransom as innocent souls continue to suffer in a quest for power of territory that has nothing to do with the victims.

Negotiations should have options, not ultimatums and those not involved should not be made to suffer. Is there any hope for humanity if there is no compassion left for murdered bodies? I have to believe there is and trust Karma and Fate to do what it needs to.

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.


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