Blind to the Signs

Signs are around us, not every minute of the day, but appear when we need a message of guidance or reassurance. Some people look for signs, but often they appear when we are not looking—when we need them the most. The danger can be in reading too much into signs and rather than ‘live’, some rely on messages to help make simple decisions like, “Should I go to the party tonight?” Conversely, we can turn a blind eye to it all or get so distracted we cannot see what is in front of us or what things really mean.

Even those of us who are awakened can miss signs or not interpret them. They come in all forms; people we encounter either stay for a while or it may be in a fleeting moment, songs we hear, news articles we read, television programs we watch, animals that cross our path or angel messages in the form of feathers or numbers. There are also the signs when you keep meeting the same people in your life, they may have a significance in your life or if events keep repeating, for example having the same kind of relationships may indicate you need to learn a lesson from that type of relationship and it will continue until you do.

I have an old University friend that I kept ‘bumping’ into over a period of 20 years; first we were on an exchange in the USA, a couple of years later I walk past her on a busy road in Hong Kong and a decade later she was a guest speaker in London at an event I was at. Even she thought it couldn’t be a coincidence and that we must be in each other’s lives for a reason. Indeed, we have helped and supported each other in our careers and I value her friendship. Clearly time is not of the essence and Fate will remain insistent until we realize the message we need to receive.

At times we can get annoyed at ourselves when we realize what we missed, it took me nearly a year before I figured out some messages, even walking past a statue of my guide for a year. Then there are the things we keep or accumulate for an unknown reason or things we are attracted to buying on instinct. Eventually, the reason will become apparent in time, even years later when the ‘penny finally drops’ so to speak.

We can get distracted easily and we house self-doubt, questioning and attempting to be rational. The signs are personal to each of us alone and no one else can interpret what they mean as well as you. You don’t need to share it, but remain aware of your instincts. Don’t over think as to why you want to keep a map of somewhere you haven’t been to or why someone has bought you a particular book. Signs are there to be read, when you and you alone are ready.

Copyright © 2014 S.T. Alvyn. All Rights Reserved.


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