The Heart

It’s a strange thing, the Heart

Having the ability to drive us insane and tear us apart

The steady beat may keep us alive

But when our Heart breaks, how do we survive?

When we fall in love or is it lust?

Encapsulating our senses that are swept high into the dust

Full of unexplained emotions and passions

Love is rare and something to be rationed

Then there is the Pain

No words can heal that which cannot be regained

Like a nail that pierces and shatters

And you feel that nothing else matters

It’s a chance we take in a moment of ecstatic joy

But are those emotions part of Nature’s ploy?

To make us believe pure happiness is from the Heart

Then when it is used is discarded and wheeled off in a cart

Happiness can it be everlasting or is it a tale?

Many search for true love, to no avail

The Heart can rule the head at times

When we cannot control its emotional chimes

The Heart cannot always be rational it seems

As the strength of love beams and gleams

It can make us happy, sad or cry

But we can never truly control our Hearts, as much as we try.


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