Homelessness: A choice or fate?

Work maybe a necessary evil, but homelessness is one that should not exist, yet after centuries it remains a dark side of human society. There are empty buildings that could keep people warm and so much food is wasted, yet is destroyed in fear that someone may sue for food poisoning. These are basics every […]

On the Yellow Brick Road

I’ve been on my yellow brick road for a while now, however, the Emerald City is still not yet in sight, though I did hear the chimes in the distance the other week. Unlike Dorothy, I haven’t got a scarecrow, tin man or lion to accompany me, but I have met people on the road […]

Remembrance and the survival of humanity

November 11th on the 11th hour, 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, yet has the world and humanity learned anything? We know war is expensive, not only in the lives lost, but now military warfare costs governments billions or trillions in arms and defense, the impact is that […]

Blind to the Signs

Signs are around us, not every minute of the day, but appear when we need a message of guidance or reassurance. Some people look for signs, but often they appear when we are not looking—when we need them the most. The danger can be in reading too much into signs and rather than ‘live’, some […]

Souls unable to R.I.P.

Sometimes the soul cannot be at peace and move on to the next stage, especially if they were murdered or justice had not been served. Not only do they remain stuck and blocked, but their ability to communicate with psychics and other realms is limited and is more difficult to interpret as they continue to […]

Hobson’s Choice or a negotiation?

In light of the current MH-17 tragedy, I am abhorred at the political game being played internationally at the expense of human life, even in death and the lack of respect shown to those who appear to have been sacrificed. Currently, those who lost their lives either lie undignified as their bodies lie decomposing on a […]

Releasing and letting go of things…

Recently a friend drew a card for me and the message was to let go of attachments. I was perplexed as I thought I had let go of most things that bound me to the material world, or I had come to realize they are no longer as important to me as they once were. I have […]

Acting or Reacting

In life we have a choice to act positively, by taking control of our emotions or accepting the consequences of our actions or reacting negatively, by responding to other people’s actions. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but being aware and conscious as to why we respond as we do can help us in resolving any […]

Eating Humble Pie for the Egos

Admitting you were wrong is an admirable act today, as people prefer to pass the buck or blame something for their error of judgment or mistake but it’s also how you accept the mistake that makes a difference. Those who hold their hand up and apologize show humility opposed to those who are forced to […]